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Differing Plastics Flavors
There is no one process used when manufacturing plastic products, since manufacturing methods depend on the final product. Indeed, products range from injection

item specific rate  typically require separation of item number, order numbers, and so on. The Challenges of Plastic Extrusion As for catering to plastic extrusion environments that manage the production of continuous sheeting, film, tubes, pipes, rods, profile shapes, and coating wire, cable, cord, or other detailed extrusion operations, the software has to be able to schedule many secondary operations, such as co-extrusion or dual extrusion. In other words, it has to be able to use the plastics-specific BOMs to monitor Read More

PPM for Professional Services Automation
A business practice that assists organizations to align their portfolio of projects with their business strategy. Professional services automation (PSA) refers to a system designed to streamline an...
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Documents related to » item specific rate

Yes, We Have No Bananas: Consumer Goods Manufacturers Serve Demanding Customers
Consumer packaged goods manufacturers have to measure the most important metric of all: orders delivered on time, in full. To accomplish this requires

item specific rate  at the top-level saleable item are so great that forecasting at this level will always be very inaccurate. By forecasting at a lower level that is probably common across a variety of products, a more predictable forecast can be maintained, and manufacturing can go according to customer specific call-offs. When this is integrated into the product design and manufacturing planning, it is called decoupled manufacturing or mass customization. For example, a manufacturer of cosmetic face creams may Read More
A Focused Web-based Solution for Chemicals, Drugs, and Mill-based Industries
SSI shows deep understanding of the requirements for chemical, drug, and mill-based industries. Consequently, it has developed such must-have capabilities as

item specific rate  which controls how the item must be handled. Hazard and safety information can be defined for each product, detailing the handling instructions, labeling and packaging instructions, and risk and safety phases, and this information can differ depending on the method of transportation. Additionally, raw materials defined as hazardous cannot be received on-site until the safety information is recorded on the system: all goods receipt notes contain hazard and safety information to ensure safe material Read More
Vendor Defends Its Strongholds with Focused Enterprise Resource Planning Solution
Strategic Systems International (SSI) needs no special introduction to British process industries (such as consumer products manufacturers and whisky distillers

item specific rate  at the top-level saleable item are so great that forecasting at this level will always be very inaccurate. By forecasting at a lower level (sub-assembly or component) than the finished goods one (which is probably the more common forecasting level across a variety of products), a more predictable forecast can be maintained. This is due to the aggregated forecasts of the common components across various finished products' variants. Manufacturing, however, would go according to customer specific call-offs. Read More
Poor Data Quality Means A Waste of Money
Data quality sounds like a motherhood and apple pie issue, of course we want our data to be right. However, very few enterprises get serious about it. Maybe

item specific rate  to data quality issues. Item catalog errors take on average $60 80 per error to fix and catalogs average an error rate of over 30%. If inventory data is wrong, you either lose sales due to an inability to ship or, more often, increase your safety stock to avoid future lost sales. Either revenue is lost or capital is used as a result of data quality problem. When sales orders or invoices are incorrect, time is needed to correct the data quality problem meaning both a manual effort and increases in the Read More
Case Study: ProCurve Networking by HP Connects Sales Teams for Greater Efficiency
ProCurve Networking delivers wired and wireless enterprise networking solutions. With nearly four times the market growth rate, ProCurve needed a new customer

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Though the standard PROGNOZ Platform is applicable to a vast range of industries, to date, we have customized the platform to create industry-specific

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EAI Vendor CrossWorlds Eases Middleware Customization
CrossWorlds Software, an enterprise application integration vendor, is making it easier for customers to acquire components and utilities with specific

item specific rate  Vendor CrossWorlds Eases Middleware Customization Event Summary CrossWorlds Software, an enterprise application integration vendor, has announced that it is now offering downloadable Java components to make it easier for customers to acquire components and utilities with specific functionality. The vendor will create a CrossWorlds Exchange site on a subscription basis, for $50,000 per year with additional fees for some components. The vendor's goal is to simplify development for customers and make Read More
Lean Asset Management--Is Preventive Maintenance Anti-Lean?
How can we determine the right maintenance strategy for a specific asset? To meet the objectives of lean, we need to evaluate the cost of failure in terms of

item specific rate  Asset Management--Is Preventive Maintenance Anti-Lean? Introduction Lean manufacturing has been widely accepted as an approach to business improvement. The business benefits of lean have been extensively documented. Asset management should play a role in lean. Lean manufacturing's focus is eliminating waste, for example: Inventory—Inventory must always be minimized. Defect correction—Resources spent on defect correction are waste. Unnecessary processing—All unnecessary activities, particularly Read More
Differentiation through Service Excellence
With products increasingly becoming commodities, chief executive officers (CEOs) recognize that first-rate customer service is key to enhancing customer

item specific rate  satisfaction. The products (capital items) used in these industries typically have high levels of embedded software content and functionality for remote management. To reduce costs, ensure high uptime, and enhance customer satisfaction, companies in these industries are pursuing automation enabled by communication between products and service hubs. The purpose of this communication is to: Share diagnostic results Anticipate and prevent incidents Log incidents Track data for billing Service hubs send Read More
Coda Financials
Coda Financials is an award-winning suite of financial management and accounting software designed to integrate with industry- and company-specific applications

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Retail Market Dynamics for Software Vendors Part Two: Progress
ERP vendors are making their way into the retail market by bundling, acquiring point solutions or partnering strategically to embed retail-specific functions

item specific rate  recently, the global trade item number (GTIN) has been established. EDI is a standard data format for electronic data communication between businesses such as retailers and suppliers, whereby documents in EDI-standard format can be sent over a proprietary value added network (VAN) or over the Internet. A sort of an irony here might be that, since EDI has earned the reputation as a complex, rigid, and expensive means of business document and data exchange among trading partners, one would expect it to be Read More
Porini Apparel and Textile
With robust, industry-specific functionality and tight integration with the Microsoft product stack, Porini offers a comprehensive apparel and textile

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Combating Malware: Leveraging the Power of the Planet
The amount of malware that is being released around the world is increasing at an alarming rate. To combat these cyber-crimes, new layers of protection are

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OmniSky Selects WorkSpot to Develop Wireless Internet Services
Given that OmniSky’s wireless Internet service is Palm OS specific, WorkSpot is a safe and relatively inexpensive partner for OmniSky, which is still a

item specific rate  high speed wireless internet,satellite wireless internet,wireless internet provider,internet,internet mobile,broad band internet,fast cable internet,high speed satelite internet,internet broadband connection,satelite internet,broadband laptop,att broadband,broadband cable,wireless broadband provider,broadband for business Read More

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