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ACCPAC -- Being Much More Than Meets The Eye
By recently undertaking a number of both prudent and bold initiatives, ACCPAC International, still largely considered an accounting solutions provider, may have

identifies original manufacturer  orders with defined routes, identifies bottlenecks, and calculates work order completion dates, while what-if plan order scenarios can be created to view resource requirements without affecting real-time purchasing decisions. The Project Accounting module provides a budget and costing tool for project accounting and job cost management. Its design allows for up to four levels of cost tracking with job, phase, category, and cost-type definition. The job account mask supports the optional use of phases Read More
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Supply chain management (SCM) solutions include applications for managing supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and customer business processes. Addressing demand management, warehouse mana...
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Documents related to » identifies original manufacturer

Enterprise Resource Planning Vendors Address Lean Manufacturing
Intentia, Fujitsu Glovia, QAD, and SSA Global's solutions supporting lean manufacturing are examined. Which areas the extended enterprise resource planning (ERP

identifies original manufacturer  within the QAD application identifies details of buffer stock calculations, such as current maximum buffer stock, the method used for determining buffer, the order point (either calculated as the sum of the demand over the lead time [DLT] and the safety stock or set manually), safety stock or safety time, service level, buffer evaluation limits (e.g., warning only or critical), limits expressed as percentage or quantity, and so on. However, it is possibly load leveling techniques that excite the greatest Read More
Comparing Business Intelligence and Data Integration Best-of-breed Vendors' Extract Transform and Load Solutions
There are two types of extract transform and load (ETL) vendors. Business intelligence (BI) vendors integrate ETL functionality into their overall BI framework,

identifies original manufacturer  etc.)? Considering these factors identifies the data frequency needs of the organization. For example, analysis of sales data may require the organization to load data monthly or quarterly, whereas some other data transfers may be performed multiple times a day. In determining the frequency of the data loading and transformation in the data warehouse or on the dedicated server, the organization should also consider the amount of data to be transferred and its effect on product performance. Data Read More
Developing a Universal Approach to Cleansing Customer and Product Data
Data quality has always been an important issue for companies, and today it’s even more so. But are you up-to-date on current industry problems concerning data

identifies original manufacturer  packages for numerous countries Identifies customer information (addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, dates) and verifies that it is properly formatted Allows users to add custom dictionaries and rules to parse and standardize other data elements, such as part numbers, product codes, purchase orders, SKUs, customer identification numbers, and so forth Handles free-form text up to 8,000 characters in size and parses it into appropriate structured data fields User-defined dictionaries can be Read More
The Middle Kingdom - From Wired to Wireless
Confused about RFID middleware? RFID middleware has a critical role to play in cleaving together and clarifying the signals and intelligence, bidirectionally

identifies original manufacturer  the network, the network identifies your unique ID (your number plus some magic on the chip in your cell phone) and allows you into the network—if you have paid your cell bills each month. In the Internet world, approaches have been well designed. An approach to communicate/integrate (Secure Socket Layer) establishes a secure connection between the two systems by sending and receiving packets with keys that authenticate and validate the server, as well as the client. This method is the standard modus Read More
Case Study: Optimizing the Inbound Supply Chain
Find out how an established lawn and garden product manufacturer transformed productionprocesses, improved supplier communication and inbound delivery quality

identifies original manufacturer   Read More
Guide Technologies: The ERP Experts for Today's Complex Manufacturer

identifies original manufacturer  Guide Technologies, Guide ERP, Infor ERP, Infor Guide Read More
Industry Consolidation: Are You Ready?
Growth is predicted for the nutraceutical industry, as well as consolidation. Will the nutraceutical manufacturer find ways of thriving in a competitive market?

identifies original manufacturer   Read More
QLogic Corporation
QLogic Corporation is an Aliso Viejo, California-based manufacturer of high performance networking equipment. It also sells QLogic-branded products via

identifies original manufacturer   Read More
A&D Power Connector Manufacturer Selects IQMS
IQMS, a manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution system (MES) software provider for the repetitive, process, and discrete

identifies original manufacturer   Read More
Bruce Foods Corporation
Bruce Foods, a manufacturer of vegetable food products, needed to find an all-in-one ERP/WMS system. Learn why the company selected JustFoodERP.

identifies original manufacturer  process ERP, process manufacturing Read More
Case Study: SEM Products Inc.
For years, SEM Products Inc.@manufacturer of interior and exterior auto body repair and refinishing products@was managing its business with two software systems

identifies original manufacturer   Read More
Importance of Server Certification
Many application providers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) either select a standard platform for their applications, or provide guidelines and

identifies original manufacturer  of Server Certification Many application providers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) either select a standard platform for their applications, or provide guidelines and recommendations as to which infrastructure components will optimize their solutions. Thus, one of the critical factors that should be considered prior to selecting a standard platform is the certification it carries, and how it pertains to your organization’s needs. Read More
Oetiker Inc
Learn how Oetiker Inc, the foremost manufacturer and distributor of quality clamps, rings, and couplings improved customer satisfaction, shipping accuracy, and

identifies original manufacturer  shipping,delivery,Oetiker,Epicor,manage 2000,case Read More

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