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Small Merger Challenges and Recommendations to Users
The recent merger of enterprise resource planning vendors CMS Software (now known as Solarsoft Business Systems) and XKO Software presents some challenges

credit terms noted on reports  stock, improved margins, improved credit control, and abundant sales and management information. While the merger is a significant step forward for XKO and CMS (owing to the potentially larger scale and the local presence of the combined business), the down side is that XKO's diverse multi-platform, multi-language solution portfolio, with a proprietary XKO fourth generation language (4GL) environment, is not as coherent as CMS's. Time will only tell whether (and how) the recently minted Solarsoft Open Read More
Time and Attendance for the Health Care Industry
Time and attendance software collects, tracks, and reports employee hours worked through automated time clocks or other means.
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Documents related to » credit terms noted on reports

Beyond Boundaries: A New Role for Finance in Driving Business Collaboration
The current global economic instability means firms have to quickly adapt to business conditions. This uncertainty may increase companies’ reliance on business

credit terms noted on reports  as when you conduct credit checks. But activities such as acquisitions or major third-party relationship-building require a very open mind. Once you document a process and say that we’re going to do A through Z, someone is going to become married to that concept and you’re going to have a diffi cult time divorcing it in order to allow for the unique analysis necessary, he says. Aside from the capabilities of the information systems themselves, finance executives from companies with standardized IT Read More
From Burden to Benefit: Making the Most of Regulatory Risk Management
The paradoxical view that regulation is both a blessing and a curse continues to be widely held among senior executives. While they recognize the need for

credit terms noted on reports  the causes of the credit crisis are by no means straightforward, poor regulatory architecture and ineffective regulatory oversight are undoubtedly perceived as playing a role. On the former, US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson has proposed a move away from the current, fragmented US regulatory system to one where there are fewer regulators with broader powers. On the latter, the debate continues and, to date, regulators have been careful not to jump to policy conclusions. As the Bank of International Read More
The Challenge to Achieve Perfect Order Management
Superior order management can provide you with a competitive edge across the board. To move closer to order perfection and a truly loyal customer base, you must

credit terms noted on reports  check customer history and credit profile, construct terms and conditions, as well as deliver the perfect order and handle billing and claims to the customer's satisfaction as well as your enterprise. Manual processes, poor integration, and the lack of collaboration and information can cripple the preorder processes. They affect each step of the order process itself: inquiry, quotation and order entry, order processing, order fulfillment, billing, and complaints and returns. Consequently, as the order Read More
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act May Be Just the Tip of a Compliance Iceberg
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is not the only government regulation that enterprises must comply with. Several others make it imperative that appropriate enterprise

credit terms noted on reports  financial institutions, such as credit reporting agencies. Recently and frequently publicized has been the New Basel Capital Accord , or Basel II , which establishes requirements for banks to manage the risks of issuing loans. As discussed in Checking It Twice , the regulation, whose implementation was completed at the end of 2006, increases both the level of risk management and the required level of disclosure, and consequently requires significant changes in financial institutions' policies, processes, Read More
Informix Holds Fire Sale on Linux Database
Informix announced its continued commitment and investment to the Linux community with the release of Foundation.2000 and Cloudscape 3.0 on Linux.

credit terms noted on reports  informix cheetah,informix 11,informix dynamic server,informix,sybase,linux programmers,server cheap,dedicated server linux,dedicated linux hosting,linux server hosting,dedicated linux server hosting,linux programmer,dedicated linux servers,buy linux,linux servers Read More
Ramco HCM on Cloud Is on a Roll in the Middle East; Africa
Ramco Systems, an enterprise software vendor that has lately been focused on delivering enterprise resource planning (ERP) in the cloud and on tablets and

credit terms noted on reports   Read More
On-boarding for Organizational Growth
This white paper explores some of the drivers of the current focus on on-boarding, walks through some of the financial implications of improving the on-boarding

credit terms noted on reports  on-boarding,on-boarding strategy,on-boarding solution,employee lifecycle management,shl Read More
Tips for Maximizing the Return on Your ERP Investment
As the economy picks up steam, organizations are increasing their investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology as a way to help grow their

credit terms noted on reports  erp roi,erp,the erp,scm,what return on investment,return investment,it return on investment,return on an investment,return on investment it,navision,return roi,roi return,investment roi,roi investment,erp system Read More
Security Begins on Your Desktop
The documents, spreadsheets, databases and other files on the personal computers used to conduct business are corporate assets. It cost money to create them

credit terms noted on reports  computer security,desktop security,internet security,data management,data security,work group file cabinet,data recovery,pc security,security web,computer network security Read More
Case Study: Envision Credit Union
In 2006, Envision Credit Union’s new chief financial officer (CFO) was looking to improve the visibility, efficiency, and accuracy of the company’s accounting

credit terms noted on reports  Study: Envision Credit Union In 2006, Envision Credit Union’s new chief financial officer (CFO) was looking to improve the visibility, efficiency, and accuracy of the company’s accounting and finance functions. Find out how a new business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution helped Envision reduce administrative costs, increase the average amount of overnight cash investments, and improve operational visibility, without adding staff. Read More
Focus on Process to Reduce Your Recruiting Costs
Need to reduce recruiting costs in your organization? This executive brief provides several ideas on how to reduce those costs while still driving exceptional

credit terms noted on reports  talent, talent management, hiring, Oracle HCM, HCM Oracle, talent Oracle, Oracle talent, recruiting, recruitment, Oracle, staffing, recuiting costs, recruitment costs, recruitment strategies, e-recruiting Read More
The 'Old ERP' Dilemma: Replace or Add-on
Replace or Add-on to an aging ERP system is a dilemma faced by many companies today. This article discusses the trade-offs involved in making that decision.

credit terms noted on reports  old erp system,enterpise resource planning,ERP industry,replacement ERP system,Replacing ERP System,future of ERP,ERP vendors,Father of Process ERP,best of breed vendor,best of breed route,what is an old ERP system,1980 erp Read More
Credit Risk in the US Energy Industry: CNRA and Its Implications
The US energy sector has experienced recent loss of counterparty confidence. To offset this, managing credit risk has become paramount. Knowing what the risks

credit terms noted on reports  To offset this, managing credit risk has become paramount. Knowing what the risks are is just the start—risk mitigation methods must be used to reduce overall credit risk exposure and to free up capital resources. Find out three key ways to mitigate risk, and how a clearing, novation, and release agreement (CNRA) can help guarantee collateral. Read More
TEC Product Certification Reports Now Available
We've begun publishing a new type of report (free download) called a Product Certification Report. These have been in the works for a while so I'm very happy to

credit terms noted on reports   Read More

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