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Intuit Pay Gives UK SMBs Easy Card Payment Functionality
Back in November 2012, Intuit launched an Intuit Pay pilot project for the United Kingdom. The company has since learned a lot, improved the product, and

accept mastercard  over other payment solutions: Accept cards anywhere —on the go and over the phone: One can use the card reader with Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch for mobile payments or enter card details online using the secure Intuit Pay site to take payments from home or office over the phone. Safe and secure —protected by a chip and PIN reader: This feature ensures faster payment, helps safeguard customer confidence, and reduces fraud and disputed transactions. Intuit Pay is fully validated by Visa and

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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Visit the TEC store to compare leading software by functionality, so that you can make accurate and informed software purchasing decisions.

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The AS/400 Takes You Securely Where You Want to Go

This article on the built-in security features of the AS/400 system originally appeared in the Midrange Computing’s Showcase Magazine, June 2000.

accept mastercard  which allows retailer to accept orders and send charges to the bank where card is registered. To use SET, the retailer does not have to handle the credit card. Due to the administrative overhead associated with it, SET has not caught on as well in the United States and Canada as it has among eCommerce vendors in Europe, however, that is likely to change as security engineers educate eCommerce vendors about the inherent weakness in Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL only encrypts transactions in transit. Read More

Zooming into an Inventory Free Flow

FreeFlow, a provider of business services with a patented technology, aims to help companies improve product life cycle profitability by providing a unique, online auction platform where companies can reduce their at-risk and excess inventory.

accept mastercard  partner either decides to accept the lower bid or wait for another member to bid the target price. All target price bids are answered within twenty-four hours. If multiple bids for the same inventory are received within a twenty-four-hour period, the strategic partner (that is, the seller or manufacturer) will ultimately either allocate the inventory to the highest bid or to the oldest bid if all bids are equal. Once a bid is accepted, the successful bidding member will be contacted, and upon receipt of Read More

Decision Making: Why Consensus Is Important (Especially When You’re Choosing Software)

Two Brains—or Three or Four or More—Make Better Decisions than One… Anyone working in today’s office or business environment has no doubt participated at least once in the ubiquitous group brainstorming session. Some may enjoy these sessions as a respite from cheerless, lonely cubicle life. Others, however, may just as soon remain ensconced in front of their monitors and keyboards, solitary

accept mastercard  parties are willing to accept the proposal in spite of the differences of opinion that may exist.” And, that the parties are willing to accept that their opinion may not be the one ultimately chosen. So how can you avoid the pitfalls of group decision making, and ensure that your decision-making process is free of bias and is as efficient as possible—and that consensus is achieved? Software Selection: The Importance of Achieving Consensus and User Buy-in Let’s focus on the decision-making process Read More

Compensation 101: The Building Blocks for Designing a Strong Performance Compensation Plan

Employees: The backbone of every organization. Motivation: Often the driving factor behind an employee’s performance. Compensation: The motivation. What I’m trying to say (if you couldn’t read between the lines) is that rewarding your people can ultimately lead to an increase in your bottom line. This can be achieved through the creation of a strong performance compensation plan.

accept mastercard  and their willingness to accept change. Some are looking to make more money, while others may be more concerned with vacation time. Some are expecting certain packages based on the level of education they have achieved, while others are just happy to be employed, given the context of such a fiercely competitive job market. Employers must respond to this diversity by designing a strong compensation strategy that ensures that all types of employees are considered in the overall plan. Strategic Planning Read More

I Know What You Did Last Week - But I'll Never Tell

Internet advertising is under attack from privacy advocates and private citizens as DoubleClick reveals that it can correlate surfing behavior with individual identities. DoubleClick points out that this is only possible when the personal identification is provided voluntarily. Opponents question whether the average surfer understands the implications of providing information.

accept mastercard  if that isn't feasible, accept that some people will want to opt out and make it easy for them to do so. Third, contract for a serious security audit of all of your data. This should certainly look at your vulnerability to outside attack, but should also examine internal policies and the potential for employees to steal or misuse data. Ideally you should have - and take seriously - a policy that ensures that no personal data can be collected or used without a fairly high-level review. A SAMPLING OF Read More

SCT Corp Previews New B2B Planning, Execution, and eProcurement Suite

SCT Corporation is taking its new business-to-business software solution supply chain for process manufacturers and distributors on a road trip. Find out first impressions of its bold entry into Internet B2B.

accept mastercard  allows the manufacturer to accept the best deal for recipe ingredients and establish a firm delivery date. This, when passed to the advanced planning engine, can be used to plan production of the order and generate a due date quote for the grocery. Fygir's production planning and scheduling features allow for multiple configurations of resources for combining ingredients, shaping the pies, baking, and final packaging. An advantage of the Internet connection is its ability to mitigate loss in the event Read More

Microsoft’s Underlying Platform Parts for Enterprise Applications: Somewhat Explained - Part 3

Part 2 of this blog series analyzed Microsoft platform parts that are slated for shared use within the Microsoft Dynamics family of products. Particular attention was given to Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, and parts of Microsoft .NET Framework. What About Visualization and User Interface (UI) Technologies? However, what has somewhat intrigued me is Microsoft’s not-so-vocal touting and

accept mastercard  the same time, they accept no excuses for “Why can’t I…?” questions, such as, for instance, “Why can’t I search in the enterprise application in the same way that I search on Google ?” At the end of the day, the design goal is to achieve more with fewer staff members, who thus have broader responsibilities, are able to handle the unexpected, collaborate with colleagues, and be more productive. In other words, the market drivers are the new and engaging design and user productivity. Consumer Read More

The CIO's Agenda--Make IT Affordable, Workable, and Credible

A recent forum included a round table discussion of CIOs from different companies and industries. They summarized their charter as make IT affordable, workable, and credible. These realities impact all IT users, professionals, and vendors.

accept mastercard  users will no longer accept applications to be close to their needs, they are demanding that applications have a 100 percent fit to their needs. Making IT Credible As one CIO stated, CIOs should be embarrassed. These CIOs said that the industry and the CIOs themselves have a credibility problem. Corporate management sees IT projects as over budget, over schedule, over promised and lacking in real returns. Often, end users see IT as part of the problem, not part of the solution. While many blame the vend Read More

The 'Old ERP' Dilemma: Replace or Add-on

Replace or Add-on to an aging ERP system is a dilemma faced by many companies today. This article discusses the trade-offs involved in making that decision.

accept mastercard  are you willing to accept the risk and even greater disruption in doing so. The big bang horror stories of the late 90's should make you very adverse to this approach. An ERP system is the backbone of your operations. You need to make absolutely certain that any replacement system functions as well as or better than what you have. The word old means mature. Will the replacement system offer all the function that your old, mature system has today? Your people may not like the existing ERP, but they know Read More

Best of Breed Versus Fully Integrated Software: The Pro's and Con's

After dealing with the over-hype of Y2K, companies have started to reconsider the best of breed as a viable solution to satisfy their software needs. This comes as a shock to the corporate systems culture when user communities were told that fully integrated software such as ERP, SCM, and EAM were the only way to meet their software needs. After developing a level playing field, this article examines the pro’s and con’s of one alternative over the other. Read on to see if you agree with the merits of the best of breed or fully integrated software approach to software selection.

accept mastercard  your management team to accept this fact or getting them to change it could be another story entirely. Time and Money A fact in life is that the more you spend with a vendor, the more leverage you should have with the vendor. Consequently, when purchasing a FIS solution, your purchase represents a significant source of revenue as opposed to buying a single application. Whether the software is priced based on the number of seat licenses or as a total package, the derived revenue to the vendor from your Read More

Whose ROI is it Anyway? Part Two: Sorting Through Claims

ROI (return on investment) has taken on new importance in examining business initiatives and programs that often involve deployment of enterprise software and information technology. In some cases, "Show me the ROI" has become a smokescreen for "Let's wait and see" or, "Go away. Don't bother me."

accept mastercard  That's very hard to accept or make relevant in the context of particular company. Promises like this undermine credibility. They set expectations—and they set up disappointments. (I'm pleased to note that more recent Synygy ads use the same images, but a more plausible view of benefits.) All generalizations are dangerous, including this one. Andre Dumas So What? ROI has taken on new importance in examining business initiatives and programs that often involve deployment of enterprise software and Read More

TEC 2014 ERP for Midsize Manufacturers Buyer's Guide Now Available

Medium-sized manufacturing organizations constitute a unique segment of companies. They occupy a particular niche in the business world—mature and large enough to exploit advanced management concepts and engineering technologies, yet small enough to stay close to customers and flexible enough to rapidly adjust products and business processes to changing environments.

accept mastercard  ERP paradigm, whether to accept long-term strategies regarding cloud or traditional on-premise roadmaps, as well as many lower-priority issues. With all of these factors to take into account, ERP selection for medium-sized manufacturing businesses becomes a question of choosing how to evolve your business over the years to come. The ERP decision is imperative for most companies, and TEC’s goal with the launch of its new buyer’s guide is to provide some guidance to manufacturers seeking to implement Read More

SCO’s Tarantella Offers Tools for Technology

SCO introduces Tarantella ASP edition and ASP Connect as tools for the Application Service Provider market.

accept mastercard  your customers willing to accept your product over the internet? What kind of investment will it take from you? How will you support an initiative once it's web ready? The challenge is to clear the hype and understand what the true factors are. After evaluating the options, products like SCO's are worth looking at, as they may offer improved efficiencies and faster time to market for ASP's. Read More