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IFS Bucking the Trends - Part 1
IFS is a public business software company (listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange) founded in 1983 with headquarters in Linkoping, Sweden and with US$362

2009 trends in accounting  position . In fact, 2009 was a stellar year, with the company’s performance exceeding market expectations; IFS was one of the best performing stocks on the Stockholm Stock Exchange . The company increased  earnings before interest & taxes (EBIT) , revenue, and cash-flow during a difficult recession. In 2009, IFS acquired a small Scandinavian vendor MultiPlus AS for its ship maintenance capabilities  and launched  the IFS Retail initiative in partnership with Centric , a Dutch IT service provider Read More
Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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Documents related to » 2009 trends in accounting

Application Giants in Duel and Duet for Users’ Hearts, Minds … and Wallets
While SAP and Microsoft are concurrently partnering for certain initiatives, they are still dueling about who is bigger, better, smarter, whose user screens are

2009 trends in accounting  , Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and Microsoft Dynamics SL 7 . SharePoint Does It? Over the last few years, Microsoft Office has evolved from a suite of standalone personal productivity tools into a more tightly integrated set of programs, servers, and services. These new offerings contribute toward Microsoft's above-espoused OBA strategy, in which Microsoft Office becomes the front-end for a business process system and delivers data and process information in a format that is familiar to regular people. Read More
10 Strategies for Getting the Right ERP and Accounting Solution
That's where the white paper 10 strategies for getting the right ERP and accounting solution comes in.

2009 trends in accounting  ext.367. Special Offer Files 2009 Read More
An Update on Zilliant (and the B2B Pricing Market, in General)
In this good, bad, and arguably recovering economy, many companies are looking to their pricing strategies and practices as a way to improve profits without

2009 trends in accounting  limited IT budgets. Unforgettable 2009 Over the last year and a half, Zilliant has helped customers to improve financial performance during unstable market conditions, and is currently helping those same customers (along with new ones) to protect margins and capture significant profit gain in a (hopefully) post-recessionary environment. In February 2010, Zilliant reported a strong second half of fiscal 2009. Despite slow economic conditions, the company increased total bookings by 41 percent and Read More
The Best-kept Secret in the Product Lifecycle Management Mid-market
The name Omnify Software may hardly come to mind when one thinks of the product lifecycle management (PLM) leaders, but that might change down the track

2009 trends in accounting  Best-kept Secret in the Product Lifecycle Management Mid-market In the past decade or so of our coverage of numerous topics in the enterprise applications space, every now and then, we come across a vendor whose value proposition, product offering, and install base deserve much more credit and awareness than IT pundits acknowledge. One example of this is privately-funded Omnify Software , the Andover, Massachusetts, (US)-based provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions. The vendor’s Read More
2011 HR Technology Conference & Expo (Day 1): What Happens in Vegas Shouldn’t Have to Stay in Vegas
Hundreds of industry experts have descended on Las Vegas for the 2011 HR Technology Conference @ Expo (and for other things, such as networking and maybe just a

2009 trends in accounting   Read More
FinancialForce Accounting Summer ’12 Bridges Salesforce Service Cloud and Accounting
FinancialForce Accounting Summer ’12 is launched just in time for the Dreamforce 2012 conference. FinancialForce Accounting has been extended to work with

2009 trends in accounting   Read More
From Accounting to ERP: A Road Map for Growing Small Businesses
To find out what you need to know about ERP systems for growing small or midsized businesses, download your copy of from accounting to erp: a road ...

2009 trends in accounting  391. Special Offer Files 2009 Read More
Transforming Your Organization? Start with Accounting
Before the lean enterprise paradigm swept across the manufacturing industry, I doubt many business people would have considered accounting as a serious tool for

2009 trends in accounting   Read More
Manufacturing Strategies that Win: IT’s New Role in the Cloud
With acceptance of cloud-based strategies growing among manufacturers of all types and sizes, it’s easier than ever to make the business case for transitioning

2009 trends in accounting  cloud based erp,cloud solution provider,role of it in education sector,role of it in environment and human health,role of it in banking sector,role of it in management,role of it manager,role of it in education,role of it in business,role of it,role of it in environment,role of it department,role of it in banking,role of it in healthcare,what is the role of it in management Read More
How to Choose an Accounting System
The challenges to successfully choosing, installing, and implementing new accounting software are many. But so are the opportunities—to gain greater control of

2009 trends in accounting  accounting system, Equation Technologies, accounting software Read More
PeopleSoft Delivers Oxymoron In 'Supply Chain in a Box'
Users would do well to take PeopleSoft’s claims with a vein of salt and maintain realistic expectations regarding the challenges they will face in integrating

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Accounting Seed
Accounting Seed Financial Suite is an accounting and ERP application that is native to the force.com platform and fully integrated into Salesforce CRM. The

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Ringing in the Change: Facets of Mobile Technology Adoption in Manufacturing
Due to the growth in mobile lifestyle among customers, the adoption of mobile devices and applications in manufacturing plants and facilities is on the rise

2009 trends in accounting  Mobility,smart devices,smart phones,manufacturing,manufacturing industry Read More
Financial and Management Accounting with SAP for Banking
Recent changes in accounting standards and compliance, along with greater emphasis on managing risk and value, have introduced new key measures of bank

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