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Achieving Effective Inventory Management
In today’s competitive business environment, wholesale distributors face critical factors that directly affect customer satisfaction and profit margins. These

weight average accounting  previous period 1.0 TOTAL WEIGHT 10.0   February March April May June July Demand 111 116 152 188 154 152 WEIGHTED AVERAGE 110*1.0 = 110 116*1.5 = 174 152*2.0 = 304 188*2.5 = 470 154*3.0 = 462 152 *10.0 = 1,520 ? The weighted average method better reflects the change in usage over time. Still, one set of demand weights will not produce an equally accurate demand forecast across the entire spectrum of inventory items. Users must have the ability to apply weighting to individual items or to groups of Read More
Small Business Software (SBS)
The Small Business Software (SBS) evaluation model targets functional requirements for fully featured solutions designed to support all business requirements of a typical small business. Extending ...
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Documents related to » weight average accounting

ERP Showdown-Round 2! Exact Macola ES vs. Infor SyteLine vs. QAD MFG/PRO
I'm Dylan Persaud, senior analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers. Due to the overwhelming response to our first ERP Showdown, we're pleased to present another

weight average accounting  Center were given equal weight and priority. (The results in this report are based on the most recent data supplied to us by the three vendors, indicating their level of support for each of these 3,600 functional criteria.) In other words, no area of functionality was rated as being more important than any other. The chart below shows the overall rankings. Results As you can see above, straight out of the box, Infor SyteLine ranked first overall, with Exact Macola ES coming in second, and QAD MFG/PRO Read More
Controlling Complex Trade Promotion Management Issues For Suppliers To The Retail Chains
Almost $75 billion (USD) is spend on trade and promotion funds every year. Unfortunately most enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are not equiped to

weight average accounting  as well as Quantity, Weight or Volume. Promotions can also be defined for specific customers, for a specific customer class, or for a geographic area. The Promotion Type is often based upon a specific price or discount percentage. And finally, the Promotion can be defined as an Off-Invoice Promotion, where the value displayed on the invoice is affected, or as an Accrued Promotion, where the value of the promotion is held in an accrual account until it is resolved in one way or another. Accrued promotions Read More
Throw Away Your Financial Statements: Managing by Metrics
Analyzing static, detailed financial statements has been the modus operandi for hundreds of years. Because many business management systems can isolate and

weight average accounting  users to give more weight to current values and this may be preferable to equations that give the same weight to all period values. Straight-line graphs are more useful than other types of graphs but users need to determine which technique will give them the best possible view of their operations. Again this takes time and study, but if you are going to utilize graphical KPIs, you must be prepared to do it correctly. Establish Target KPIs Now that users have identified which KPIs should be utilized, and Read More
What Could Process Manufacturers Do Better in PLM?
Part 1 of my recent blog series, Filling the Holes and Breaking Down Artificial Walls in a Process PLM Solution Set, established that the product lifecycle

weight average accounting  excessive packaging content and weight and/or increase the percentage of recycled content (to reduce environmentally-unfriendly landfill content), primary and secondary packaging design becomes challenging. Primary packaging is the main package that holds the food that is being processed. Secondary packaging combines the primary packages into one box being made (tertiary packaging combines all of the secondary packages into one pallet). Any possible formula interactions with the primary packaging (or any Read More
POLL: Is Cloud-based Accounting/Financial Software Right for You?
TEC is preparing a new Financial Packages Buyer’s Guide, and we’d like to hear your thoughts on cloud-based finance and accounting software. Your responses to

weight average accounting   Read More
Khameleon provides small and medium product and service companies with solutions for project accounting, contract management, sales order and distribution

weight average accounting  Accounting,accounting software demo,accounting software systems,Contracts,creative solution accounting software,CRM,Deferred Revenue,engineering accounting software,ERP,finance accounting software,fixed asset software,Job Costing,khameleon software,Order Management,production accounting software,Project Accounting,Project Management,Recurring Contracts,technology organizations Read More
10 Tips for Building a Real-time Weight Control System
It can be a real problem keeping prices competitive when manufacturing costs are soaring. Over-pack and giveaway can be a huge drain on company profits. However

weight average accounting  for Building a Real-time Weight Control System It can be a real problem keeping prices competitive when manufacturing costs are soaring. Over-pack and giveaway can be a huge drain on company profits. However, real-time weight control software can pay tremendous dividends if implemented properly. Integrating a weight control database into an existing system can reduce errors, “fool-proof” data collection, and shift the system from reactive to proactive. Read More
Employees Stuck in the Middle: How to Transform the Average Joe into an Everyday Superhero

weight average accounting  Stuck in the Middle: How to Transform the Average Joe into an Everyday Superhero Read More
Navigator Business Solutions Navigator One for SAP Business One (v88) for Accounting Certification Report
Navigator One for SAP Business One (v88) is now TEC Certified for online comparison of accounting software in TEC's Evaluation Centers. The certification seal

weight average accounting  Business Solutions Navigator One for SAP Business One (v88) for Accounting Certification Report TEC Accounting Product Certification Report: Navigator One for SAP Business One (v88) If you receive errors when attempting to view this white paper, please install the latest version of Adobe Reader. TEC specializes in impartial and quantifiable software selection. Our unique Web-based technology allows us to deliver a variety of software evaluation and selection services online, and to deliver Read More
Graduating from QuickBooks to Cloud Financials and Accounting
A new breed of cloud computing solutions has emerged to address businesses’ real-time financial management needs. Research shows that these powerful and

weight average accounting  cloud financials and accounting,the cloud,from accounting,accounting from,cloud computing,cloud computing cloud computing,computing cloud,the cloud computing,it cloud computing,how to cloud computing,cloud computing it,in cloud computing,a cloud computing,financial management,accounting software Read More
eTEK for Microsoft Office
eTek offers a Microsoft Office compatible and Microsoft BackOffice approved client/server accounting and management information system that is scalable from

weight average accounting  windows millennium,windows millennium edition,microsoft small business accounting,automotive inventory software,control inventory software warehouse,small business inventory software,small business inventory software,accounting software for small businesses,business accounting software solution,computerized accounting software,cost accounting software,dynamics accounting software Read More
Top Accounting Software Comparisons 2010
To find out, simply use TEC's Accounting Software Comparison Reports to compare any three accounting solutions of yourchoice.

weight average accounting  top accounting software comparisons 2010,top,accounting,software,comparisons,accounting software comparisons 2010,top software comparisons 2010,top accounting comparisons 2010,top accounting software 2010,top accounting software comparisons. Read More
Deacom Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning Software System v.10.4 for Mixed-mode ERP Certification Report
The Deacom product Deacom Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning Software System (v.10.4) is now TEC Certified for online evaluation of

weight average accounting  deacom,mixed mode manufacturing,integrated accounting,integrated accounting software,integrated accounting system,integrated accounting systems,integrated accounting for windows,integrated accounting for windows 6th edition,integrated accounting solutions,deacom inc,integrated accounting for windows 7th edition,deacom software,deacom.net Read More
How to Choose an Accounting System
The challenges to successfully choosing, installing, and implementing new accounting software are many. But so are the opportunities—to gain greater control of

weight average accounting  accounting system, Equation Technologies, accounting software Read More

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